Nobody really wants an estate plan.

You don't want asset protection planning or tax planning.

You do not really want a will, or trust, or a power of attorney.

The truth is, that you don't want to have to protect your assets, hire attorneys, or to do elder law planning for yourself, your spouse, or your parents.

What do you want?  From what you have told us as clients,

You want the feeling of safety and security that comes from taking the time to protect the assets that you have built.

You want your spouse to know that you care enough to take away the fear that if he or she lost, you, that they would be blind and confused and without a plan. And, you want your spouse and family to be protected from many things if you are no longer there.

You want them to love you now and when you're gone.

You want your children and grandchildren to be protected from bad marriages and divorce, from taxes and lawsuits.

And, you want the safety and security of your own assets being protected along with your lifestyle that you have worked hard to build.


That is what we help you to achieve.  We want you to achieve more, protect more, and give yourself and your family members what they need and want now, and when you are no longer here to protect them.

UNRUH, TURNER, BURKE & FREES strives to develop and maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients by responding promptly to client needs and providing effective representation on an ongoing basis. The firm has earned a reputation for competence and integrity among its clients and the legal community.

Each attorney in the firm focuses primarily in practice areas in which he or she has developed expertise. Legal matters are assigned to and supervised by lawyers in the firm most qualified to handle the particular matter effectively and efficiently, consistent with the client's desires, needs and cost constraints.

With each new client our firm renews its commitment to its original vision of what a law firm should be and do for its clients.


The firm, UNRUH, TURNER, BURKE & FREES was founded in 1990 with a commitment to provide clients with the highest quality legal representation. The firm has more than tripled in size since its formation and has significantly expanded its areas of practice.