Excessive estate and inheritance tax can significantly deplete the amount of money left to your heirs. There are many strategies available that will help reduce the tax liability of your beneficiaries. You need a knowledgeable Pennsylvania estate tax planning lawyers (ours have over 30 years of experience) who can assist you with estate and inheritance tax planning

Protecting yourself, your wealth and your heirs.

Many individuals work hard to build their personal wealth so that they can enjoy a particular lifestyle and/or to leave an inheritance to the next generation. It often brings them great joy to know that their heirs will be provided for by the assets that are left to that generation. However, too often such inheritances are unnecessarily depleted by substantial tax obligations and related costs, such as federal and state estate tax and probate fees. Perhaps you saw your parents’ estate radically reduced by such costs and taxes. With the proper planning, it is possible to maximize the amount of money left to your heirs. These techniques minimize or legally avoid estate tax liability.  Do you or your spouse worry about these taxes and the burden that could be placed on your heirs?

Federal estate tax, Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax and related laws continuously change and it is important to know and understand how these changes affect your planning, your wills and trusts. We will be able to provide you with guidance and advice regarding estate and inheritance tax. Estate and inheritance tax planning does not involve a “one size fits all” solution, which is why our experienced team will take the time to become familiar with your specific situation to learn about you your spouse or partner and your family, as well as your specific goals for yourself and your heirs. We will then formulate and help you to implement a strategy, approved by you, that will best suit you and your family’s needs, which will help protect your assets from being destroyed by excessive taxes and fees.p

We have helped thousands of individuals who were involved in the following estate and inheritance tax matters:

  • Beginning the initial process of estate and personal Legacy Planning ™
  • Acting as an executor or as the trustee of a trust agreement
  • In need of assistance with filing Federal Estate and Gift Tax Returns and/or Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Returns
  • Looking for ways to reduce estate tax liability
  • Planning for family wealth transfers
  • Diversifying an estate concentrated in the stock of one or more publicly traded companies
  • Passing on vacation homes and establishing insurance trusts

As part of our estate planning and administration practice, we provide comprehensive advice on gift and estate tax planning, including business succession, family limited partnerships, charitable giving, and postmortem tax planning techniques. We work closely with our clients’ tax and investment advisors, in order to help them reduce taxes for their heirs.

We take a unique approach with clients by showing them how to communicate effective strategies from one generation to the next. Many clients are surprised to find that estate and inheritance tax planning are only a few of the issues that they should consider and that the more comprehensive process of passing on your financial wealth, your family traditions, and knowledge can be fun and fulfilling.

Contact our office at (610) 933-8069 if you want to achieve the peace of mind of knowing that you have done everything possible to prepare the next generation. If you, your spouse, or other family members are concerned about tax, divorce, and other issues or if you are in need of legal assistance with your estate and inheritance tax planning start the process today. You will feel more than satisfied knowing that your heirs will be protected.

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