Protecting children and grandchildren from possible divorce litigation, judgments, and other claims is usually a top priority for estate owners. There are strategies and legal techniques available that can protect an inheritance. You have the best intentions when leaving an inheritance to your children or grandchildren and you probably trust your heirs to be prudent with such funds. However, your children, grandchildren, surviving spouse, and other heirs can be vulnerable to claims to the assets they inherit.

Divorce litigation, judgments, creditors, and business claims can significantly impact the assets and property left to heirs – through no fault of their own and such risks can be radically increased by their carelessness. If you are planning your estate through a will or trust or if you are expecting an inheritance, you need to make sure you and your heirs are protected from these divorce and creditor risks.

Have you ever worried that a child or grandchild might use an inheritance to buy a shore house, home, or other investment in joint names with a spouse only to have the asset taken in a divorce? Do you know that this can be avoided using a technique known as a Beneficiary Controlled Trust or through other irrevocable trusts or trusts under a will?

Would you like to learn more about a trust under your will that can protect the assets that you leave to others while also making these assets exempt from tax for another generation and protecting them from divorce claims? If this sounds too good to be true, you have good skeptical insights, but in this case, it really works. Contact our office at 610-933-8069 for more information.