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As an executive, family business owner, real estate investor or other professional, and whether you are currently working or retired, you have worked hard to build your personal wealth and perhaps the value of your business and investments.  However, without the proper planning, many of the assets you have succeeded in acquiring can be taken away or taxed more heavily than necessary. 

In many cases, unprepared heirs can lose asset value simply because they do not yet have the advice and tools that they need or they lack the structures to protect them from litigation or a failed marriage. By preparing for future unforeseen events, you can protect your wealth, your lifestyle, your heirs and estate. 

And, through a process known as Enhanced Estate Planning (TM) you can make sure that your heirs do not lose your advice, wisdom, and family values that are essential to future generations success but might otherwise be lost if you pass away.  So whether you need a simple will or more complicated planning techniques such as an Irrevocable Trust, or a GRAT, what you probably want more than anything else is for someone to guide you through the process in a clear, easy, and effective way. That is what we do.  And we also help you to protect assets, and to minimize or avoid estate and inheritance taxes


Every year, millions of dollars are spent on federal estate tax, according to published figures from the Internal Revenue Service.  But many of these taxes are incurred by families that just do not know the strategies to legally minimize or avoid such taxes and the similar taxes and probate fees imposed by many states.  Yes, there are ways to minimize the amount paid for estate tax and generation skipping transfer tax, which will help eliminate the burden placed on heirs and estate owners.  Furthermore, many inheritances, after depletion by such taxes and related costs, are then lost in personal or business litigation or in divorces. 


According to the National Marriage Project, the most recent data shows that the probability that a first marriage will end in divorce or separation is 40 to 50 percent.  And, each year many frivolous as well as potentially successful lawsuits are filed against people just like you.  However, just as there are strategies and techniques to minimize taxation, there are equally powerful tools for protecting heirs from divorces, as well as such creditor claims and lawsuits against them. Beneficiary controlled trusts, and other asset protection trusts and tools can be used now, or established under your will, to give your children and grandchildren not only tax protection but also a higher level of protection for lawsuits and divorce.

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David M. Frees, III, is an experienced Pennsylvania will and trust attorney. His practice focuses on estate planning, trusts and estate administration with an emphasis on asset protection trusts and the process of passing on a family's values, and knowledge about finances, investment, business, education, and other topics of importance to your family.  His practice also focuses on the preparation of estate plans and asset protection planning that often use wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and medical powers and directives. 

David Frees currently is Chairman of the Trust, Estates, and Wealth Preservation Section of the firm Unruh, Turner, Burke and Frees. 


He has written books and had articles, chapters, and essays included in several books and publications including, The Language of Parenting: Building Great Family Relationships At All Ages, Einstein’s Business, Dream, Inc. and The Ultimate Success Secret.  His articles and related publications include programs on Avoiding The Ten Top Mistakes of Executors, and he has authored over ten years of articles covering such issues as family vacation homes, perpetuating family businesses and perpetuating executive wealth.

He has also developed a proprietary process, Enhanced Estate Planning™ that allows you as a single or married person, as parents or grandparent to carefully and strategically plan your estate, to educate the next generation, and to protect assets from claims.
He has helped thousands of individuals with the following matters:

  • Administering Estates and Trusts
  • Avoiding or Dealing with Probate and Executors Fees and Duties
  • Estate Planning with Wills, Trusts, and Related Tools and Strategies
  • Divorce Protection for Your Heirs, Children and Grandchildren
  • Private Charitable Foundations
  • Family Foundation(s) and Donor Advised Funds
  • Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRAT)
  • Qualified Terminable Interest Property (QTIP)
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT)
  • Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT or QPERT)
  • Asset Protection Planning of Many Types

Many of the clients that approach David Frees are surprised to find that the process of estate planning and asset protection can be incredibly interesting and some have described it as "fun" and as "fulfilling."  Through the knowledge that Mr. Frees provides, clients are able to implement planning strategies from one generation to the next.  Mr. Frees takes pride in his strong and lasting relationships with his clients and has worked with some families for three generations.  Contact the office at (610) 933-8069 to see if you qualify for a free consultation.

Have a legal need other than a will, trust, or estate?  David Frees will make sure that you get the best representation either within the firm or by referral to other counsel.  However, David Frees and the lawyers in his section, offer personal representation in the following areas:

Asset Protection

Building your net worth can take years and it is crucial that you take precautionary steps to protect your assets.  Asset protection provides additional security against creditors, claims, lawsuits and exposure to personal or business liability.  There are many techniques available to protect your property and assets.  These methods for asset protection are generally only successful if done properly.  A knowledgeable Pennsylvania asset protection lawyer, such as David Frees, can help you with your asset protection plan.  David Frees is also often assisted by his lawyers and partners in the business section of the firm who can assist you with related corporate and business organizational issues.

Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning

Both the federal estate tax and generation skipping transfer tax laws are constantly changing.  And, many states change their laws as well. Tax planning is an essential tool to help preserve an estate.  Even if you have determined how the estate assets are to be distributed, without estate tax planning, the assets and properties left to your heirs and beneficiaries can be greatly impacted.  David Frees helps individuals reduce their tax liability and also assists clients with the filing of Federal Estate and Gift Tax Returns and Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Returns.  He works closely with his clients’ tax advisors, in order to help executors and trustees prepare their fiduciary income tax returns.

Protecting Heirs from Divorce and Litigation

For most estate owners, protecting their children and grandchildren from possible divorce litigation and creditor’s claims is a top priority.  They do not want to leave their loved ones vulnerable to a claim to the assets they inherit.  This goal can be accomplished through estate planning.  Likewise, if you are expecting an inheritance, you may want to protect yourself from these types of divorce and creditor risks. David Frees helps his clients protect their heirs through the use of various legal techniques and strategies.

Wills and Trusts

A legal will is designed to let your intentions be known and usually includes the entire estate.  To avoid potential disputes among beneficiaries, a will should be carefully drafted by a Pennsylvania wills attorney.  A trust is also an essential estate planning tool that will detail how the estate will be distributed.  Through the use of a trust, you have the ability to decide which beneficiaries are to receive certain assets and how these assets will be given.  David Frees specializes in helping clients with their wills and trusts and prepares these documents based on each individual circumstance.

Executor, Trustees and Probate

Administering an estate can be an overwhelming responsibility, especially when problems arise.  David Frees provides assistance to executors and trustees to help ensure an effortless transfer of assets.  When complications arise, Mr. Frees offers his expertise to limit liability exposure to beneficiaries and creditors and can successfully administer wills and trusts in probate court.  Whenever possible, he will help to resolve or close estate and trust administrations through informal family settlement agreements or if necessary, through the court accounting process.

Contact David Frees whose practice focuses on estate planning wills, trusts, and asset protection at (610) 933-8069 for advice regarding your wealth, estate or asset protection planning.  He is a trust and will lawyer who represents thousands of clients in Philadelphia, Chester County, Montgomery County, Delaware County and Lancaster County and many clients from communities such as: Berwyn, Devon, Paoli, Exton, Phoenixville, West Chester, Malvern, Chester Springs, Ardmore, Gladwyn, Exton, Downingtown and surrounding areas.

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