If you are a contractor, painter, lawn or landscape contractor, landscape architect, remodeler, plumber, or electrician, you may be subject to the many new requirements of the PA Home Improvement Contractors Act (73 PS 517.1-517.19).  Failure to follow these requirements may result in significant penalties and civil and criminal legal problems.

Here is a partial list of those who may be affected:

These people may be subject to the Act if they work on residential properties (this list is not exhaustive):

 Anyone who does home remodeling or basically installs any improvement in or around the home. 

 Electricians, plumbers, framers, roofers, etc.  Even if they do not enter into contracts directly with consumers. 

 Underground/invisible pet fence contractors



 Fencing companies

 Paving companies

 Pool companies

 Security system companies

A retail store that installs products in the home (i.e. a flooring store that installs floors).

 Interior Decorators  (if they install or subcontract for painting, installing fixtures, drapes, etc.)

 Radon companies

Building supply retailers (if they also install)

 Mobile home or RV repair

 For a copy of the act or for documents that comply with the new act please call 610-933-8069 and ask for the new Home Improvement Contractors package or click here for the attorney General's FQA and a copy of the act.

While the lawyers that work directly with me in our trust, estates, and asset protecttion section focus their work on estate planning, wills, trusts, and asset and tax planning and protection, compliance with new laws is important for our clients.  Accordingly, we ask lawyers in the firm's other departments to keep us posted of important legal changes that may affect our clients.

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