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I found this article on wills requireing hiers to smoke or not smoke in order to get their inheritance.  In the first instance, a man cut off his daughter's interest under a trust becasue he caught her smoking.  In the second example, a man who was angry at his wife's prohibitions on his smoking left his estate to her only if she smiked five packs a day.  These examples are silly but it does raise the question, "What can we require of heirs in order to get their inheritance?"  More importantly, we need to think about how these caluses can be enforced as a practical matter. To read more click here.

We do have a plannng process that allows you to use trusts and other mechanisms to influence the behavior of your heirs and a method to tech your trustees and heirs what is important to you and why.

Many people feel intimidated by the thought of doing their estate plan.  They don't know how much it will cost.  They worry about how long the process takes.  They are afraid to confront economic issues and to share financial information.  Our process avoids all of this.  Your initial consultation is at no cost to you.  We find out what you want and give you all the options in a simple and claer way.  And, before you ever have to act, we set a flat fee that is acceptable to you.  Then, your appointments are set in advance at times convenient to you to review and sign the documents.  Itis easy, clear, and there is no risk to you. 

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