Well, for one thing, they will all be meeting in Calgary, Alberta Canada this week at the Engage Today Conference.

Sir Richard BransonDave Frees Esq.Dalai Lama

Dave Frees, who represents many successful executives, business men and women, community leaders and and wealthy families and who teaches at seminars throughout the country says "I am always looking for any knowledge, information, tools and resources that give me clients and my customers an edge in their business and personal lives and that includes training and teaching in  the areas of trust and estate planning as well as other areas that might be beneficial to them" 

And when he was recently asked to attend this gathering of successful business and spiritual leaders, Frees felt "I had to go.  I represent people from all walks of life but we all also have a duty not only to do the best that we can for our clients, customers, and our community but we have to help those in need."

Frees who has served as Chairman of the Chester County Community Foundation as well as serving on many charitable boards, believes that the solutions to our worlds problems "come from individual people who think big and really search for the answers.  They believe that they can make a difference in the world and in their own business and personal lives."

"So, when I had an opportunity to spend time with some of our greatest business and spiritual leaders, I jumped at the chance."

Frees, who Chairs the Trust, Estates, and Wealth Preservation section of Unruh, Turner, Burke and Frees is also well known as a speaker and author on topics related to family relationships, business, and ethical influence. 

His recent books include The Language of Parenting (a Communications skills guide for families), Einstein's Business (which includes David's essay on wealth and abundance), The Ultimate Success Secret with Dan Kenedy and Mike Capuzzi, a book, cd, and DVD collection:  Persuasion2Profit - Mastering The Communications and Persuasion Skills That Make The Difference in Your Business and Your Life, and a soon to be published book, What You Don't Know About Pennsylvania Insurance Can Hurt You.

"I host many coaching weekends, conferences, and speak to many conventions." said Frees. "So, I will process the lessons I collect from the many brilliant minds at this conference, and then work with my clients and students to apply what I have learned and what we have discovered that really works." 

"That is the thing about Dave Frees" said one of his coaching students and clients. "He is brilliant at taking ideas and helping us to put them to work."

Dave Frees can be reached at 610-933-8069 or by email at [email protected]

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