Many clients have considered leaving an heir - even in some cases, a child or grandchild - out of a will.  Many others have considered making unequal distributions to one child and leaving less to another child.  There may be very good reasons for such actions.  However, these wills are often challenged and will challenges can be expensive, time consuming, and result in your wishes being ignored or foiled by a court or the disinherited heir.

However, there are four or five key strategies that you can use to minimize or avoid family will contests and make it much more likely that your will will be carried out.

For more information on avoiding will contests and disinheriting an heir click here.

This is the first in a three part series on how to do your estate planning in a way designed to protect against interfering son or dughter in laws, or an attack by a disinherited child or a child or grandchild who receives a lower inheritance than others.  If you face this situation, and have eitehr made unequal gits to children, or you have written a child or heir out of your will you will want to follow this series.

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