If you have been named as an executor or co-executor of an estate in Pennsylvania, then this video on executor resources and executor mistakes will help you to avoid personal liability.

Executors can face many obstacles.  And, there are often many
questions to be answered quickly to avoid problems.  These can
include, but aren't limited to some of the following:

Is the property and auto owned by the decedent properly insured?

Do you need to change the locks on the home?

Is there a more recent will?

Is there a safe deposit box and what do I need to do about it?

Can I give out property before the will is probated?

What can I be sued for?

How do I discuss my fee with family members who might not
understand how time consuming g the executor's job can be?

Executors face literally hundreds of questions and they often
face them in the first few days of an estate administration.

To learn more about the job, how to manage it, and the liability
exposure and how to minimize it be sure to down load david Frees'
book The Ten Most Common Mistakes that Executor's Make and How To Avoid Them.

David can be reached at 610-933-8069 or toll free at 888-573-7407

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