We are always looking for ways to help you in your estate planning and asset protection needs.  As you know, we also represent many executors and trustees to make sure that the estates and trusts are administered as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible while still protecting you from liability.

One great way to provide you with information is for us to answer your questions.  So please feel free to leave a question below as a comment, or to call (610) 933-8069, or email me with questions concerning wills, trusts, estates, death tax avoidance, estate planning, or your questions related to estates and trusts.

We recently posted brief transcripts of me answering these questions:

1. What is a pour-over will?
2. How do you prove a holographic or handwritten will?
3. Who should you pick as an executor?

Please also watch this brief video for a little more about the questions and answers.

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