I just posted a great new video.  It's very short and if your are interested in passing on assets (especially stock, shore hoes, and family businesses) there may be no better time than now.  Becasue assets are low and because interest rates are also low, we have a historic opportunity to pass on assets that might double and triple in value.  A number of planning techniques such as GRATS (grantor retained annuity trusts) and QPRTS (Qualified Personal Residence Trusts) can also give you more leverage in moving a vaction home, real estate and stock out of your estate and still retain some of the use or value.

Even if you're feeling economically vulnerable right now you should watch this brief video and consider these simple and complex ways to protect your heirs from state and federal inheritance and estate taxes.  It does appear that we will have the federal estate tax for some time and both affluent and moderately affluent families can benefit significantly from these secrets.

Watch the video now. Click this blue link.

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