Have you been promising your spouse that you'll finally "get
around to that" will, trust, or estate plan this year?

Is he or she worried that you don't have a will or trust yet?

Are you converned about your minor children or even about
protecting your adult children from divorce or lawsuits?

Have you failed to keep that estate planning resolution in the past?

Have you hear about the radical estate tax changes at the end
of last but you're not sure what you need to do do this year?

Your worries about all of that are almost over........

We know that you're busy, and many of you are trying to pay
for college, the mortgage, the cars and everything else. 
With those kind of pressures, doing a will or trust just seems
like one more headache and one more expense.

That's why we have developed a simple but effective system
to make sure that you get it done.  That you make your spouse
happy and that you get that great feeling of checking one more
thing off the important to do list.

Essentially, you just call one number (610-933-8069) and we'll make sure that it
gets done.  First, we'll send you a brief questionairre and schedule you for your
first of two appointments.  There is no charge and no risk for that appointment.
If you're not completly satisfied at the end you can keep all of the materials that
we send you, and there is no charge.

At the second appointment, we'll work with you to set a second appointment
time to review your documents and to sign them.

It's that simple.  Now if your affiars are a little more complicated and you want
to upgrade to our Business Class or First Class Estate Planning(TM) then we
may set up a follow up appointment for more advanced planning, trusts, or even
a family meeting.   While these services are usually selected ny executives,
investors, professionals and business owners you always know, in advance just
how much time is involved and how much these services and plans cost.

We know its hard to keep up with the changes.  We know that your spouse
really wants you to do this but that time is prescious and we know that cost
matters.  That's why we have developed the Enhanced Estate Planning program
for basic issues, and the Business Class and First Class Estate Planning
  Each program is designed to make it easy on you to get this
done - for you and for your wife or husband and for your family.

To get your materials, and to schedule your appointment, mention
David Frees when you call.  Call 610-933-8069 and mention that David
Frees sent you.

You can also reach David at [email protected]

David M. Frees, III
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