Looking for recipe, gift and holiday ideas? 

We have put together several resources for you, including a list of local shops to find unique, thoughtful gifts and support local small business at the same time. Click the picture below to check out our recommendations. 

support local business

If online shopping will save you some time, click below to see where we shop year after year for fun, yet practical gift ideas:

online shopping ideas

If you are looking for something a little bit special that is delicious, here are some homemade goodies to gift.  

Also included are good recipes for pot lucks and to gift to busy relatives that might enjoy a homemade meal.

homemade fudge










pumpkin pancakes


If you are a huge fan of pumpkin, have you tried pumpkin pancakes?  

Here is a recipe blog crafted by David Frees that you don't want to miss!






Finally, here is a collection of holiday recipe ideas - we  hope you find one of your future favorites here (and feel free to share the recipe)!

holiday recipes not to be missed

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