Do you wonder how your simple will or trust will deal with your business if something
happens to you?

Do you have one or more family memebers working in or helping to run your company?

Do you worry that your business life is way too complicated for a ten year old estate
plan or will?

Do you understand the five or ten most important changes to the federal estate tax for
businesses and how they affect you, your spouse, and heirs?

You're right to worry about succesion and estate planning for your business.

Start right now to upgrade from coach to Business Class Estate Planning(TM) and if you
do it right,your surving spouse, heirs and loved ones will thank you and be way better off.
It's one call, one meeting, and no cost to you to discover what your Business Class or
First Estate Plan(TM)would mean, and how much it will cost.

That's right, we know, that as a business person, your time is valuable and that you
expect a high ROI on anything that you do. And we understand that we have to prove
our value to you. 

How will we do that?

We'll show you our process, customize a plan for you and give you flat fee prices for
each alternative.

In short, we take all of the risk away so that you can decide if Business or
First Class Estate Planning(TM) is for you.

Infact, if you're tired of the risks of lawsuits, your kids getting divorced, or other
business risks, you should know that a well done Business Class Estate Plan
can reduce these risks, tax costs, and estate expenses - sometimes dramtically.

You should also know, that there have been some recent, unprecidented, and
radical changes to the  Federal Estate Tax laws that may be a once in a lifetime

However, becasue the laws are set to and but since Congress might change them
again, we will help you to build an estate plan that will be flexible
enough to provide benefits in any of the three most likly scenarios:

1) the tax is eliminated
2) the shelter amount falls back to $1 million dollars
3) the five million dollars or some similar amount is made permanent

Our Business Class and First Class Estate Plans(TM) also includes:
1) optional family meetings to explain business succession plans
2) wills and trusts
3) asset protection planning to protect your heirs
4) estate and income tax strategies
5) dealing with vacation homes and more...

If you are a busy executive or business owner who has been putting this off, and
one who values service, attention to your goals, and an attorney who makes these
complex matters claer and understandable then consider this program.

If you have been promising your spouse or loved ones that you'll get around to
this but you're concerned about complexity, cost, and time commitment, then
this is a program and a process that will work for you.  And there is no initial investment
other than an hour to 90 minutes of time.

If you would like a no cost consultation about our Buisness Class Planning
and First Class Planning opitons please call one of our paralegals or our client
relations manager at 610-933-8069 and ask for an appointmnet
with attorney David M. Frees III who Chairs our
Trust, Estate, and Wealth Preservation Section.

David can also be reached at [email protected].  Mention Business Class
Estate Planning(TM) in  the subject line of your email for several free bonuses
at your appopintment.
David M. Frees, III
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