The truth is that protecting your assets from nursing home spending in getting harder and harder.

While the states and federal government are all becoming more protective, and are designing and implementing systems and laws to force citizens to spend more and
more of their own families' money on nursing home care, there are still many valid and ethical ways to get such care while still passing on assets to your heirs.

However, the methods used for many years to shelter and to legally protect such assets simply no longer work and may result in you or a loved one being disqualified
from long term care, or in you being prosecuted for something that you thought "everybody does."  

And, the ways which do work require more advanced planning whenever possible. So, if you are simply concerned about the future and what to protect assets for yourself
and your heirs - including children and grandchildren or even nieces and nephews - you're in the right place and the good news is that advanced planning can be very

And, if you are facing nursing home care in the near future planning right now is essential.

To help you through the maze of new laws, regulations and techniques used by Pennsylvania residents, one of my partners and I have developed several new


To request one of these reports, just call my office at 610-933-8069.  We'll send you an email of the report right away and if you're a Pennsylvania resident you can also qualify for a telephone consultation with me to review what techniques might make sense for you and your family.

REPORT #1 — Protecting Your Family Home From The Nursing Home

Are you concerned about the increasing cost of nursing home care? Are you afraid that if you or a loved one needs long term nursing care the family home will be lost? In this report we will tell you how you can protect the primary residence so that it can be safely passed to the next generation. There are a number of options available for those entering into advance planning. There are also little know exceptions to the laws governing gifting and Medicaid qualification that may save the home even when nursing home care is imminent. This report is a must read for those who are interested in sheltering the family homestead from nursing home spending regardless of where you stand in the long term care process. 


CAll 610-933-8069 or email me at [email protected] and mention elder law to receive this free report.


REPORT #2 — The Six Elder Law Planning Tools You Must Know

Would you like to learn about Six (6) different methods to legally protect $10,000 or more from spending on nursing home care? It does not matter if you think nursing home care will be necessary for you or a loved one tomorrow or five (5) years from now, you need this report now. The sooner you start planning, the greater the array of options available and thus the greater the portion of the estate that can be preserved. It is never too late to use some of the techniques described in this report, but planning early could mean additional savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars! 

To Get This Free Report email me at [email protected] or call 610-933-8069 and mention David Frees and Elder Law


REPORT #3 — How Family Trusts Can Protect Assets From The Nursing Home

This report details how the Irrevocable Medicaid Asset Protection Trust is used to protect assets from spending on nursing home care. Gifts to these irrevocable trusts are far superior to those made outright to children or family members. Among other benefits, you can choose to retain income payments from the trust, protect the assets from bad spending habits of your children and loved ones and protect the gifted assets from divorce or creditors of you beneficiaries. These are just a few of the potential benefits of using this Irrevocable Trust. Get this Report and learn more now. 

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