It is almost time to send your child or children to college, either for the first time or as returning students. There are millions of things to think about and do from helping them move into their dorm room, to buying them a refrigerator, helping them purchase books, to making sure all their forms and paperwork are filled out to start the school year without a glitch.

But one thing you may not have thought about is making sure your children who are now 18 or older have the Essential Legal Documents they need to start or return to college.

What documents does my college age child need?

1. A Power of Attorney- (POA) durable, financial, and medical 
2. A HIPAA authorization
3. Depending on your unique situation there may be other essential legal documents that you should have

These documents allow you to make financial or medical decisions for your child. These legal documents allow you to get grades while they are at school (without them you will not be able to get grades even if you are paying the tuition!). They allow you to talk to their doctor or get copies of their medical records. In an emergency, they allow you to act where otherwise you would not be able to without a court approval.

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College is an exciting time for your children and for you. Be prepared for all situations so that you are able to help your child get the most out of their college experience.

Print out this helpful college checklist for essential items your college age student should  bring to or back to school, The Ultimate College Checklist.
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