Pennsylvania Probate: Selecting an Estate Executor
Executor responsibilities should not be taken lightly, so when you are selecting an estate executor in Pennsylvania, keep in mind that the person you choose will be paying off your debts and distributing the remaining assets to those who stand to inherit it as per your will or intestate.

Theoretically, you can choose anyone to be your executor (within reason – minors, for instance, cannot be executors), and many select a family member or heir, which can be an effective choice because the executor fee is generally waived. Unless the chosen executor poses a threat to the interests of the estate and the heirs, the decedent’s choice of executor is generally honored.

Ideally, you should choose an executor who is trustworthy, aware of his or her relevant duties, and willing to undertake them with the highest standard of honesty and impartiality. Although you do not need the services of an attorney to select an executor, if you have been selected as one, you will likely require Pennsylvania probate attorney services.

Consulting a Pennsylvania Probate Attorney

If you are contesting the selection of an estate executor, have been selected to handle executor responsibilities, or have not yet drafted a will to manage your estate, you should reach out to one of the dedicated probate and estate management attorneys at Unruh, Turner, Burke & Frees – 1-610-933-8069.
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