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Many clients ask us what probate is and how to get started.

First, be sure to make a careful search for the will and make sure that it
is the most up to date will.  Probating the wrong will is a mistake that
can be very costly.

Next, you need to be sure that you even have to probate the will.  If
all of the assets are either owned jointly, or are distributed under
beneficiary designations, probate may be unnecessary.

But, if you have determine, that you are the executor, that you have
the right will, and that it needs to be probated, then you should become
an educated consumer and know what the probate system means and
how it works.

One of my partners, Douglas Kaune,  recently published a great
article on how to get started in the probate of a Pennyslvania will.

Here is a brief exertp.  Probate is the court adjudicated process
that an Executor or Administrator follows in the estate of someone
who dies in Pennsylvania (PA).

To read the entire article on Pennsylvania wills and probate, click here.

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