When would I use a supplemental needs trust in Phoenixville, PA?

You would use a supplemental needs trust to provide for a disabled loved one, such as a child, in the event of your death. The trust, also called a special needs trust, allows you to give assets, such as money and property, to the disabled person without disqualifying them for public programs like Social Security or Medicaid. A Phoenixville trusts and estate attorney can provide further details.

The disabled person is not in charge of the supplemental needs rust. You would designate a trustee who would be in charge of the trust and distribute it to the disabled person as needed. However, the disabled person must use the money for goods and services that are not necessities. If money from the trust is paid directly to the person who uses it for food, clothing and shelter, the individual could have a reduction in Social Security payments. Non-essentials such as education, entertainment, Internet, telephone and cable are examples of things the trust can be used for without any reduction in benefits. A Phoenixville attorney can assist you if you are unclear about what are considered non-essential items.

A supplemental needs trust must include a legal document, trustee, property and beneficiaries. When choosing a trustee, you may want to consider a trusted relative, bank, financial advisor or a combination of these.

If you are considering a supplemental needs trust for one of your family members, consult with an experienced Phoenixville attorney.  Unruh, Turner, Burke & Frees has several lawyers who can help you with your trust and estate planning needs. Contact David Frees today at 610-933-8069.


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