Have you ever been to a lawyer, doctor, or other professional and had the feeling that they just weren't listening? Many lawyers seem to "talk down" to their clients and or use words that make you feel like you need a personal interpreter. Even many sophisticated business men and women tell us that working with a trust lawyer, elder law attorney, or probate lawyer can seem infuriatingly complicated.

We want to make life simpler for you while giving you the most advantages that trusts can offer and help you understand lawyers' often-foreign language.

We have written a report to help you, in advance to understand the many important trust words that you will hear or see in your appointment or in your trust documents. We have defined them for you so you can leave your interpreter at home when you meet with your trust lawyer or when you read trust documents you are involved in.

Click here to read our entire report on trust definitions A Guide to Lawyer Language: Understanding Trusts

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