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Keyzmo is a 16-in-1 multitool that combines all your tool needs and fits right in your pocket; made of strong durable stainless steel; this tool is resistant to rust and corrosion, so you can be prepared for years to come

A screwdriver, closed wrench, 1/4" bit driver, serrated edge, bottle opener, file, ruler, can opener, protractor, wire        stripper, lanyard hole, bike spoke key, wire bender, scoring tip, and 12 point wrench in one handheld device




Hootie Hootie Personal Alarm


Self defense keychain with loud siren and high-intensity strobe light; perfect for walking around town, on campus, on the  trail, and for running, keep Hootie on your keychain and feel safe wherever you go; pull the pin to unleash a 130 decibel  (as loud as an airplane) screech and strobe light when you're in danger or an emergency situation to deter attackers and alert help fast




GROUND BREAKING TECHNOLOGY: Using the same durable, ground-breaking carbon microfiber tech as CarbonKlean Peeps eyeglass cleaner, ScreenKlean will clean your tablet or any larger screen of fingerprints safely and effectively.

EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE: A very effective dry-clean technology, substance free, that is also used exclusively in space by NASA to clean glass.

SAFE TECHNOLOGY: Safe for all iPad, Amazon, or Android tablet manufacturer and keeps any special coatings on tablet screens safe!



SNAP Power

Easy Install - You don't have to be an electrician or magician to install the Guidelight. It was designed for a truly simple, safe solution to the household nightlight. It does not require brackets, batteries, mounts, or wires. Just snap it on and go.

Frees Up Outlets - You can finally use all of the outlets in your house. Don't let standard, bulky night lights dominate your hallways, bathrooms or children's bedrooms anymore.

Energy Efficient - The Guidelight cover plate costs less that 10 cents per year to power. With just the right amount of light, you can sleep easy now.



Tiki TunesTikiTunes

Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speakers, LED Torch Atmospheric Lighting Effect, 5-Watt Audio USB Speakers, 2000 mAh Battery for iPhone/iPad/Android (Set of 2)







EXECUTIVE SERIES PREMIUM GIFT MILK FROTHER: The Executive Series Milk Frother with our New and Improved Ultra Stand is the perfect gift for any occasion. Brighten up anyones' day with a perfect cup of Morning Coffee topped with Delectable and Velvety Froth with the Zulay Kitchen Executive Series Milk Frother with Ultra Stand. Easy to Use and Powerful, it creates creamy froth in seconds. Get that coffee shop experience in the comfort of your home by adding a special touch to your coffee.






Solar Power Bank

This power bank has a large battery capacity of 42800mAh, and uses high-density batteries to load a larger capacity without changing the volume and weight. The super battery life allows you to get rid of the anxiety and worries about the depletion of the device power anytime and anywhere.

Power bank is equipped with a super bright LED flashlight with a long range, It can work continuously for up to 100 hours.

Solar power bank is compatible with all USB devices such as smartphones and tablets. The product has 2 USB output ports, if the device is compatible, it can support the QC3.0 fast charge protocol.




Do you know someone who loves crazy socks?  These are super cute and also represent the animals that benefit from WWF’s efforts around the world. They are made with 80% soft organic cotton, 15% nylon and 5% spandex, socks measure 14” in length; 7 ½” from heel to top.  For a $55 donation, you can pick three different pairs.  http://bit.ly/UTBFsocks

World Wildlife Fund Symbolic Adoptions.  Is your child or grandchild obsessed with a particular animal?  For $55 you can “adopt” one of these endangered species.  You will receive and adoption certificate, species card, photo and a plush toy! http://bit.ly/UTBFWWF


local farm cheese tasting

Virtual Cheese Tastings 

Join Sue Miller, cheesemaker at Birchrun Hills Farm for a fun evening tasting cheese, talking pairings, cheesemaking, farming and cows! Pick a date and sign up for an in person or a virtual cheese tasting. We'll have an engaging hour learning about cheese and what we do at Birchrun Hills Farm.  

Please email [email protected] to schedule a tasting.

If you already know what you like, go to the website to order gifts for your friends and family!  https://birchrunhillsfarm.com/



Kansas City Steaks has been around since 1932.  Beef is sourced from best Steakstockyards in Kansas.  If you have any steak lovers in your life, treat them to a very special holiday gift!  The CLASSIC CUTS TRIO contains a good variety and is priced just under $200.  You get 4 Super Trimmed™ Filet Mignon, 6 oz each; 4 Kansas City Strip Steaks, 10 oz each; 4 Boneless Ribeyes, 8 oz each.  They have many different combinations or if your steak lover has a favorite, they have a package for you. http://bit.ly/UTBFsteaks






VISA gift card


Here’s a link to create custom VISA gift cards online: http://bit.ly/UTBF5  You can add your own photo to the background of the card or choose from hundreds of themes to make it more of a personal gift.





These 15 herbs and spices by Julie Pedersen let you explore the core flavors of five different cuisines. Start your journey in France with herbs de Provence, tour Italy with oregano and crushed red pepper flakes, dash over to Spain with a pinch of smoked paprika, then zip to Morocco with za'atar. Try one of the recipes and bread pairings included under the lid, or liven up your party spread by creating your own worldly blends.





This monthly subscription box includes handpicked items from around the world to support a hygge lifestyle and inspire hyggelig (nice) moments.  Available in standard and deluxe size boxes, and you choose the length of time of the subscription, http://bit.ly/UTBFHygge 




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