Find Out How A Trust Can Help You

Trusts come in many types, shapes, and sizes and are used for many purposes depending on your specific goals and needs.


You can create a trust while you are alive or in a will.  


You can create a trust to protect a spouse and children, for tax purposes, to provide for a minor or special needs person, and or for a charity organization. Trusts can be a very important tool in your estate planning and or asset protection planning but they can also be tricky. And, to get exactly what you want in a trust, you must understand some important concepts.


What is a contingent beneficiary?


What is the corpus of a trust?


What is a fiduciary Duty?


The more trust language you understand the more likely you will have the best trust in place for your specific needs and or if you are involved in a trust( as a trustee, grantor, or beneficiary) you will better understand and to benefit from the situation.


To learn more, read our entire report on commonly used trust words and what they mean in A Guide to Lawyer Language: Understanding Trusts

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