A charitable lead trust is an estate planning tool that also serves as a way to donate to charitable causes. A donor can set aside donations in the form of money, stocks, property, etc., for a set term of years after their passing.

It is referred to as a “lead” trust because the charity that the donor designates gets benefits from the Pennsylvania estate before any other beneficiaries (i.e. spouse, family, etc.). In simple terms, it means that once the trust’s terms run out, whatever money or property is left goes to the deceased’s heirs.

Many people choose a charitable lead trust because after the set amount of time for charity has passed, the heirs can usually receive their benefits tax-free. However, 1 downside to a charitable lead trust is that they are irrevocable.

This means that once a person puts their assets into a trust they cannot be taken out or changed. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that a charitable lead trust is set up properly and carefully considered before it is but into effect.

A charitable lead trust attorney can help you make the best legal and economical decision when planning for the future of your family and preferred charities.

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