Pennsylvania Estate Planning, Trust, and Executor and Probate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Initially, many of our clients come to us with the same questions about: estate planning, being an executor, and about protecting their assets, estate, or inheritance in Pennsylvania. This estate law frequently asked questions page is meant to answer the most common questions we hear from clients each day and to help others build a foundation of knowledge about Pennsylvania estate planning, being an executor  in Pennsyvlania, elder law, trust law, and asset protection.

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  • How Do I Select A Trustee For A Special Needs Trust?

    You create a special needs trust for a beneficiary such as a child or an adult, who has a special need and is, or will at some point, be receiving government or other benefits or programs and from which they might be disqualfied if they were to receive funds outright or in a traditional trust.

    Because the trustee of a special needs trust usually has unlimited discretion as to when and how to disperse funds, the selection of the trustee is vitally important.  And, becasue any individual trustee may not be available for the entire life of a disabled or special needs beneficiary, there should be a clear series or replacement trustees, a process for someone to fire and replace trustees, and a process for educating the trustees about the special needs of the beneficiary.

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