How To Choose A Safe Place To Store Your Will.

Once the process of executing your will is completed,
the final and most important decision you have to make
is where to store you will. There is only one original will,
therefore it is very important to store it in a safe location
where an executor can easily locate the will for
probate and/or the distribution of your estate. 

1.    Your Attorney’s Office 
The first place a will can be stored is at yourattorney’s office.
This could be a good option if 
you are planning on staying with
the attorney for a 
longperiod of time. The executor of your will
would need to
be informed of the name and location of the
attorney’s office.
The attorney’s office would just need proof of
death before
releasing the original will. The decision to store an
original will at an attorney’s office is safe and easy.

2.    In Your Safe Deposit Box
Another safe, if not the safest place to keep your original will is
in your safe deposit box. Some people may argue that even
though a safe deposit box is the safest place for your will it is
not the easiest place to store it. In Pennsylvania, the executor
is now required to give notice of the inventory by documenting
the contents found within the safe deposit box. Then the executor
needs to confirm that the state has been notified of the contents
within the safe deposit box. There is a process involved for the
executor of a will in order to obtain the will, but it is only for your

protection making it a very safe place to store a will. And, the will
is made quickly available to your executor. In any case,

make sure that your executor knows where it is stored and
the location of the safe deposit box or the safe deposit box key.

3.    In a Fire-proof Safe in Your Home
 One of the most common places to store a will is in your own home.
This option appeals to many people because they want to be
able to store all of their important documents together
in one place. However, simply storing a will in a regular

filing cabinet or drawer is not a safe or smart option because
of natural disasters such as flooding or fires.  Therefore,
keeping a will in a fire-proof or water-proof safe is the best option
if you are considering keeping a will in your residence. 

Overall, there are many different places that a will can be safely stored.
A will should be stored in a safe location where it cannot be effortlessly
obtained by the wrong people or easily destroyed. Furthermore,

it is important that the executor knows where and how to obtain
the document in the event of your death.

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