Are you affluent, the owner of a successful business, or family business, an executive or highly paid professional who owns your practice?

You Already Know That You Need A Estate Plan That Balances The Many Competing Interests and Needs In Your Complicated Life, Does What You Want it To, AND Which Protects Your Heirs From Divorce, Lawsuits and Other Dangers.

But still feeling guilty about not doing it because you just don’t have time and it is confusing and tough to even think about?

Your problems can’t be solved with a simple will.  But, I have a solution… and it’s really quite simple.
Dear Friend:

If you've ever struggled with frustration, disinterest, or self-doubt over the right steps to take in preparing your will or estate planning, then you’re not alone and it’s not your fault. 

If you want to do it but you’re just too busy creating jobs, building wealth, and managing your current assets, then you’re not alone.

Estate planning for wealthy, affluent, and sophisticated executives, professionals and business owners is what I spend most of my time doing almost everyday.  Planning for the protection of wealth for affluent and successful individuals and families is different than just “doing a will”.  There are different issues, different goals, different aspirations and different worries.

And almost all of us who fall into that category of people who need more sophisticated planning have wondered:

Am I doing the right thing for my spouse (or a current spouse), for my kids, charity and others?

Am I leaving an organized legacy that I’d be proud of?

Is the will enough, up to date and accurate or do I need trusts, Limited partnerships, LLC’s or other techniques to protect myself and my loved ones?

Is the right trustee in place? What about substitutes?

Who can hire and fire trustees?

Is the plan flexible enough to survive legal changes or is it too rigid?

If you've ever felt helpless watching assets you gave to a loved one, shrink or even disappear before your very eyes because the right protections were not in place…

If you worry about how many years it’s been since you updated your trust, will, power of attorney and medical directives…

If you have wondered or worried about one or more of these issues, or the other complicated issues surrounding most estate plans, then I urge you to keep reading.
Because I'm going to show you what's behind your concerns, struggles... your failure to get this done (or done right)... and all your doubts about it.
Then I'm going to show you how you can immediately...
  • Get clear on the essential things you need to protect your family, your lifestyle now and in retirement, your assets and to develop an estate plan that you understand, and that you really want...
  • Break through virtually any sticking points holding you back, and to create the right balance, using the right tools, and specifically designed to get the estate plan that you want to protect and to pass on your success…..
  • Re-ignite the burning passion you once had for your wealth, your professional practice, and/or your family or other business...
  • Eliminate the constant distraction of "information overload" and “legal mumbo jumbo” to become a knowledgeable and informed creator of your own estate plan and family destiny...
  • Protect, grow and pass on all manner of assets without the worry that they will be lost to law suits, divorces of your heirs, and/or to incompetent management when you’re no longer around.
  • Get this done, off of your to do list and feel better right away with the right process.
Who Am I, What Do I Do For Affluent and Successful Families and Individuals, And What Can I Do For You?
My name is David M. Frees III.  I am an attorney but I’m also a businessman, an investor, and I own personal and commercial real estate.  I have partnerships with friends, business associates, and family members.  I have adult children who might be interested in one or more of my business interests but their skills and abilities are all unique and they are different from one another.

It’s complicated – at first blush.

I formed my first corporation (for my own business unrelated to the practice of law) when I was 22 years old. My practice is different from many legal practices in that we focus on these issues that are of importance to you and with personal experience so that I know much of what you’re going through.

Most legal practices focus strictly on estate taxes because they know that these taxes are often massive and that clients worry about them. It’s an easy way to show clients value. 

But it’s not the only thing or even the most important thing to you or to most people.

Sound strange?

I can prove it.  If you had to choose between your heirs paying taxes but you could control who gets what, when they get it, how they learn how to maximize and to use wealth, who advises them and more OR a system where your heirs paid no tax but you didn’t get to make any of the decisions about your assets which would you choose? 

I’d pay the taxes and keep the control over my assets and who gets them.  Why?  Because taxes just aren’t the most important thing to most of us.

I know from years of working with successful and affluent families and individuals that there are many other matters that concern affluent clients and we have developed a process and system of helping such clients to address not only the tax issues but the many other factors that prevent estate plans from working properly.

I'm one of the founding partners of Unruh, Turner, Burke and Frees and the Chairman of the Trust, Estate, and Wealth Preservation Section of the firm.

It's my business to make other people's life time businesses, practices and income sources even more successful and to get them over the barriers to building a successful estate plan to pass on those assets in exactly the way that they desire, and in a way that is clear, understandable, and adaptable to the ever changing legal and tax environment.

And right now, the timing for sophisticated estate planning and for passing on wealth could not be better.  In fact, the Wall Street Journal recent observed that the confluence of economic factors, low valuations, and low interest rates has made many sophisticated planning techniques more effective than ever before. 

Many affluent families have, up until now, refused to use these techniques because of cost, the failure of planners to explain them, or because of complexity. 

We have solved those problems, for many families, using our Enhanced Estate Planning Process™ for our First Class™ and Business Class™ clients.

David M. Frees III
[email protected]

It's my business to help successful clients even more successful and happy and confident in an estate plan that they understand and that will work.  It’s my business to help clients to get the information needed to save their families thousands to millions of dollars of lost time, productivity, and taxes and expenses while also protecting their heirs from divorces and other risks.

And I've been paid handsomely to do it. 

How Much Does This Type of Planning Cost?
Yes. We are appropriately expensive. 

But, our fees are an investment in massive savings and protection and, because we are constantly reinvesting in out firm, software, training, hiring and development of our team, we can often offer fees that will be surprisingly affordable in light of what we accomplish.

Of course, appropriate fees are in the eye of the beholder.  But, we don’t want you as a prospective client to take any risk.  So, we will arrange for any one who we elect to see, to have a completely confidential and complimentary consultation to make sure that we are a good match for you and that the reverse is also true.

Who is This For?
We only ant to work with clients who have or want to develop clear goals for their wealth and their estate pan and who see the value of what we have to offer.  So, we are not always a match for everyone who calls.

However, if after your complimentary consultation, you wish to hire us we will always offer you a range of options that match your goals and a set and flat fee for each approach.

My private client list reads like a who's who of very smart and savvy executives, business men and women, and successful families and individuals.  Their estate planning often involves lifetime giving, trusts, GRATS, Irrevocable and revocable trusts and other techniques and can include protecting assets from divorce and lawsuits, continuing family businesses and perpetuating family ownership and use of vacation homes.

And, while we cannot ethically disclose a client’s identity without their permission, some clients routinely refer their friends and family members to us ( I have represented many family member across three generations).  And, if you were referred by one of my clients, you already know who they are.  Other clients have permitted us to mention them by name, and/or have offered their opinions of our services and we can share them with you upon request once you meet with us.

In addition, I’m. Not just another lawyer who prepares wills and estate plans, I have been teaching enhanced communications skills and marketing to corporations, leaders, and family businesses for years.  So I know how to create grow and build a business.

Other Reasons People Hire Me
I also wrote the book on improved family communications skills – The Language of Parenting:  Building Great Family Relationships at all Ages.  And, I have adapted these techniques to create and conduct family meetings that help to minimize will and plan challenges and to help family members to maximize the benefits and protects that you pass on to them and to understand your legacy.  These meetings can and often do involve discussions of wealth but often avoid details that children or other heirs are to know about only later.

I've also been a guest or been featured on over 100 radio and television shows on estate planning, and/or communications, marketing, negotiation and business. including:
I have also been named as a SuperLawyer in Trusts and Estates for many years, and as the Top Lawyer for Trusts and Estates in the Main Line Today Magazine. Fewer than five percent of all lawyers have ever been names as a SuperLawyer.
Personally, awards and radio and television appearances are probably not reason enough to select someone to help you with this vital process.  But….

I've also been personally responsible for literally hundreds of incredible estate planning success stories. Many people have created plans to transfer wealth, protect their heirs, limit their estate taxes, and to make charitable gifts that make a difference to them and to the recipients.

Many blended families have been protected by careful planning and balancing of their varied interests and needs.

Many people have provided trusts and trust advisers to educate their children , preserve family vacation homes, protect stock positions in rapidly growing or publicly traded companies and more.

But I have to admit... there have been failures too. But here's the thing...
Every client of mine who didn't succeed, shared one common problem

A fundamental inability that built a wall between them and any chance of success with their estate planning... One that virtually guaranteed their failure, and higher costs and taxes to their heirs and/or an inability to pass on key businesses, vacation homes, and assets as part of their legacy.

It's likely THE most common cause of failure in estate planning. And I'm willing to bet it's at the root of your struggles too.  It is the mistaken belief that they are so busy and that the planning is so complicated and unwieldy, that they cannot afford the time to get it done and that every thing will be ok even if they don’t.

But, everything will not be ok if you allow this mistake to guide your actions.

What is the fundamental key to success in estate planning?

The ability to...

THINK CORRECTLY ABOUT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT, TO UNDERSTAND YOUR OPTIONS,  and then to get it DONE quickly and accurately through a proven process.
Books and articles on estate planning and trusts may make you a better consumer of legal services, but they don't show you how to think correctly about the many nuances of estate planning that need to be customized to you and your personal situation. 
And, if they do, they’re confusing and filled with legalese that makes the process harder to understand not easier.
But in our two or three appointment process, and with our estate planning questionnaire, you’ll be prepared to know your options and to make exactly the right choices for you.
Why is this ability SO important today?
Because our lives have become more complicated, the laws and tax laws change all the time, our spouses and loved ones worry if we don’t get this done, and we feel the pressure of this important but unfinished thing on our long list of matters to get done.  And, if we don’t do it the right people might not get the right protection, costs and taxes will be higher, and we may not be able to pass on knowledge, business interests, homes and vacation homes and other assets.  Failure to plan makes will challenges and the costs to those you love become even higher.
On the other had, when you have a well constructed, scalable and flexible plan, you and your family have a huge advantage.
I want to give you that competitive edge.
And to show you how easily you can get this done.
Everything you need to know about accurate, focused and correct thinking about estate planning, how to get it done, and how to control the costs is detailed in my Enhanced Estate Planning videos and my most powerful (and most popular) Client Report – Enhanced Estate Planning. 
But if you’re already to act now, then just call for a complimentary appointment to see if we’re the right solution for you.  You can call 610-933-8069 for an appointment with David Frees or email David’s assistant at [email protected]
When you call, you’ll receive a welcome package which includes a brief series of questions to answer (that will help you to get focused and thinking the right way) and which will help you to organize some financial information.
That will help us, at your first appointment, to give you the right options, prices, and the information you’ll need to get the planning done.
This estate planning process has already changed the lives of may successful people and their families.
This is your wake up call!
When you're finished with this estate planning process, you'll have everything that you want and need.  You’ll make the loved ones in your life very happy, and you will make sure that you’re leaving the legacy that you want to leave.
You’ll have a clear understanding of the documents that make up the plan and how they work.  If you wish, your family members will also know and understand as much or as little information about your plan as you have elcted . 
Finally, you will have a fresh outlook, a sharper focus, a crystal clear understanding of everything you've done and need to do to protect yourself, your heirs, your business, hones, artwork and other assets.
So Stop Struggling and Become a VIP Business Class Client™ or First Class Client™ Instead!


To set up an appointment just fill in the contact form on the upper right of this page and someone from my office will call or contact you to set up a convenient time to meet or for a telephone consult.

If you’re ready right now and have a calendar in front of you or know the times that are convenient over the next four or five weeks, just call our toll free number 888-

Bonuses Once You Have Set Up Your Appointment

Bonuses:  Once you have an appointment, we’ll send you a cd tolisten to to prepare for the appointment, a brief questionnaire to fill out (don’t worry, it’s easy and fast to do and it gets you thinking about the information that we’ll need and the most important questions that you have to answer for yourself), and if you’d like a copy of my book, The Language of Parenting:  Building Great Family Relationships at All Ages just let them know and they’ll also send you a free copy for yourself or to share with a child or grandchild.

So what’s this all worth to you?  Well, at my ordinary rate the complimentary appointment, the cd, and the book collectively are valued in excess of $950.00. 

But they are my gift to you to say thank you for taking the time to get to know and to trust us.  However, very few people ever walk awy from those appointment without hiring me or one of my lawyers.  So come prepared but realize that you’re never obligated to pay for any of the bonuses or the consult.  They are yours. 

And, we will quote you a flat fee which will be reasonable or “appropriately expensive” depending on your perspective.  That’s it.  You always know in advance and before you hire us.  There is no risk to you.

So call 1-888-       and I look forward to seeing you.

David M. Frees III
[email protected]

P.S.  For an appointment and the bonuses call 1-888    or fill in the brief contact form on the top right of this page and someone will call you to set up the appointment.
David M. Frees, III
Attorney, Speaker and Author