Ever have trouble finding that elusive date to meet a friend or businesss associate.  Need to be face to face for the next deal or meeting?  It's true that technology allows us to communicate faster and without the face to face meeting.  But just finding the time to get together - in person or electroically can be daunting.  Now, several on line tools are making that job easier.

TimeBridge.com and WhenisGood.net are two of the fastest growing of such services and both are free.  However, there are also Gathergrid.com and Tungle.com both of which have great little video tutorials on the home page. 

These services work by allowing you to pick potential times on an online calendar which then notifies the other people or person.  The recipient can then select the most conveniet of those times.  Some sites then assign the final time and others allow you as the organizer to have the final say.

Another service (this one is currently free) also scans Facebook pages and outlook calendars of freinds or business prospects or customers who give you permission to allow you to group or coordinate visits.  It will also alert you when someone posts that they will be in your area.

Let us know your experiences so that we can keep our reeaders updates.

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