Dear Dave and Ben:

I'd like to test drive your marketing and Estate, Trust and Elder Law practice-building coaching program for just $649 for the first month and get the deluxe Great Legal Marketing and Practice Building Toolkit FREE! If I don't think this is all "worth it," then I'll just cancel my coaching membership at any time after the first month (so you can give the slot to someone else) and you won't bill me anymore. No matter what, I'll get to keep the entire toolkit that other lawyers have paid $3,995 for, just for trying you out. That way, you (Dave and Ben) take all the risk, not me.(Thinking that this deal is just too good to be true?  See more on why I do this deal below)

Each month, I'll be invited to two coaching calls hosted by Ben Glass and Rem Jackson, (and I'll get a CD audio of the calls), plus I'll get the monthly newsletter, the bi-monthly audio CD, and the weekly Marketing Fax for as long as I remain a coaching member. And, every other month I'll get invited to the Trust, Estate, and Elder Law specific call hosted by Dave Frees.  So, I'll get the best ethical marketing tools used by the top legal marketers, and I'll get specific Trust, Estate, and Elder Law marketing tools that are already adapted for me.

In addition, whether or not I stick around, I understand that all
of this (including bonuses if I respond by the date above) is mine to keep, just for trying:

1. Volumes One and Two - everything from "mindset" to actual examples and instructions for implementing dozens of marketing and practice-building strategies (value $995)
2. "Best of the Best" Yellow Pages Advertising Manual - everything you need to know, filled with samples and critiques (value $595)
3. Newsletter Manual - how to develop a consumer newsletter, filled with samples and critiques (value $595)
4. Quick Start Audio CD (value $195)
5. Copies of the 5 books I can use as models of books and reports to market my practice (value $100)
6. Sample newsletters, postcards and other promotional mailings clients and past clients receive (value $150)
7. Referral Marketing Handbook - (value $495)
8. Unlimited Advertising Critique Coupons good as long as long as you subscribe to the program (value at least $2500)
9. Two 30-minute one-on-one phone consultations with Dave Frees (value $500)
10. Annotated "over my shoulder" look at Ben Glass and Dave Frees' books (value $300)
11. Practice Manual Handbook (value at least $300 for every day you go to the office) - includes:
Unique ClientFirst® Fee Agreements (value $250)
Deposition Prep CD for treating doctors (value $500)
Deposition Preparation Toolkit for clients (value $1000)
ERISA Reimbursement Form Letters (value $450)
A New Way of Hiring! (value $250)

So for all of this, and more, just fill out the form below or call 610-933-8069 and ask for Lisa and we will rush you the kit and get you signed up to start the coaching program right away.



Wondering why Dave Frees and Ben Glass would make this offer?  Obviously, it costs us a lot of money to make this offer.  And, we run the risk that you'll just stop and that we will have sent you thousands of dollars of materials, and some of our best ideas to date.  But, you are just getting to know us so we have to make this a no risk proposition for you.  And, we are so sure that you don't want your comepetition to have these ideas first, that you'll stay on as a member.  Finally, we have both built amazinf practices and helped hundreds of other lawyers to do the same.  So, we're confident that once you see what we do, that you'll stay with us, we'll give you great value and we will earn what we charge many times over.  That's why we're taking all the risk.

The new FTC rules and disclaimer:

Now also, we have to tell you, that there are many lawyer testimonials for us floating around on the web.  And we believe that many lawyers make more money using the tools and techniques, systems and strategies that we teach.  But, you're lawyers, your smart, and you know, that those testimonials may not represent the norm or average.  In fact, until we have more data, it could be that our average lawyer/customer takes the stuff that we send them and uses it as a gigantic door stop. But, in a way, that's even good for you.  Becasue if you take action, and we want you to and will teazch you how to take actions that work and that are leveraged, you're not going to be the average guy.  And, we are here to help you to succeed.


David M. Frees, III
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