This article by the San Fransisco By Guardian raises some legitimate questions about asset protection.  But, it also points out that when you carefully plan a series of asset protection strategies and act on them before the claims against you, they can be very effective in protecting you, your family, and your assets from many different types of claims.

The best asset protection plan is the one designed for you.  How risk adverse are you?  How much are you willing to spend?  How much complexity and inconvenience will you tolerate?

Next the key to such planning is to implement it before you need it.  Transers after a claim as arisen, are often viewed by a cout as fraudulent rtansfers and they are revered.

Finally, asset protection is often a complex set of interconnected trusts, entities and otehr tools.  It is the very complexity that makes it work.  That is beause the attack on you seems so expensive and aunting.  If you can live with the complexity, more is often better.

But, there are simple asset protection tools that when coupled with good insurance may be enough.

Look for our soon to be published quiz to help you find the tright program of asset protection for you.

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