Posted on Sep 22, 2011
When a dispute breaks out among family members over a trust or estate, the effects (both oersonally and financially) can be devastating.  Family relationships can be destroyed, estates or trusts can be eaten up by fees and the other costs of litigation can include delays, frustration, anxity, and lost benefits. 

Mediation can therefor be a real benefit in solving family disputes and avoiding litigation over wills, trusts and estates.  But, you have to have the right and a skilled mediator.  That's where David Frees is now focused - proding great estate and trust medaitions and training more effective mediators.

Attorney David Frees originally trained in mediation and alternative dispute resolution while a student at the University of Pennsylvania and his partner, Steven Lagy, have been presenting a program on neuroscience and mediation to lawyers, therapists, and mediators throughout Pennsylvania.

See atricles and the links to news about David Frees and mediation presentations:

Lagoy and Frees Present "The Biology of the Brain: Understanding Decision-Making in Mediation"

Stephen Lagoy and David M. Frees III presented "The Biology of the Brain: Understanding Decision-Making in Mediation" at the Chester County Bar Association Custody Mediation Seminar, September 9, 2011. This continuing education class was attended by lawyers, therapists, and mediators to lear more about successful mediation.
Frees focuses his practice in the areas of estate planning, asset protection, and probate and offers mediation of family disputes for family memebers interested in avoiding expensive litigation.


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