Considering an exit strategy, successor, retirement? Avoid the dangers and maximize your wealth, security, and legacy as you prepare to exit your family or closely held business.

Do You Want To Know The Strategies and Practices That Make The Difference when You're Preparing For An Exit, Sale or Retirement?

I have assembled a team of business, tax, asset protection, contract, and trust and estate lawyers and advisers that together with your accountant and financial advisers can help you to maximize the value of your business as you retire, exit, sell, or otherwise transer it to the next generation of your family or others.

Need to know how to double, triple, or even more dramtically multiple the value that you'll receive?

Need introductions to capital, bankers and related professionals?

This team of advisers probably sounds expensive.  And it it is. We're appropriately expensive.  As you enjoy relaxing, retirement, or even forming your next venture you'll never tell your peers that we were cheap. 

But, expensive doesn't matter if you eliminate large risks, ensure your ability to collect many times the value that you previously thought possible.

Expense doesn't really matter if you write a smaller check to the government, have a heighten level of protection, and/or save tens to hundreds of thousands, or even millions of tax dollars for your heirs.

If you want to have a consultation about our business planning and exit srategic planning please call David M. Frees III.  To see if you're a good match for our program we will ask you to complete a questionaire about your business and have a brief telephone conference with David Frees, Esquire.

If you approve of our capabilities and we feel that we are a good match, we will then schedule a team meeting and set the fees for our complete and turn key exit services.

There is no risk to you and significant risks if you fail to plan.


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