If you or your family is involved in a dispute about a will, trust, or estate, you may already know that you want to avoid litigation in the court system of Pennsylvania. Mediation by an experienced mediator and trust and estate lawyer can save relationships, time, and money

Many families are torn apart by disputes over wills and trusts.  And, many families find that after months or years of litigation, that their inheritance has been diminished severely by attorney fees and the costs of litigation and court fees. 

So if you have a dispute between executors, trustees, or beneficiaries and you want to avoid the devastating, lengthy, and expensive process of publicly litigating these matters in court, then you have found an important alternative.

David Frees and the law firm of Unruh, Turner Burke and Frees has developed a program designed to quickly, privately, and effectively help you to resolve disputes before they become too big or too expensive.  Frees, who has a long history of estate and trust administration, has worked with his partners to develop a special process of estate and trust dispute mediation. Frees is also the author of a popular book on intergenerational communications skills, and is a sought after speaker on many estate planning, estate administration, and dispute resolution topics.

If you:

  • Have a dispute over a will interpretation
  • Have a dispute over executor or trustee fees
  • Have a dispute over attorneys fees
  • Have a family business dispute 
  • Cannot agree on the distribution of certain assets
  • Feel that an executor or trustee has not properly managed assets
  • Have an elective share dispute
  • Are faced with disputes in a blended family 
  • Want to avoid the depletion of an estate or trust through the high costs of litigaton
  • Have a dispute with a family member that you want to solve fairly

Then consider Estate and Trust Dispute Mediation(TM).  Call 610-933-8069 and ask to schedule an no obligation telephone consultation with David M. Frees III or simply to receive our Dispute Resolution Package that offers you the vital information that you need to avoid the pain and expense of lengthy estate or trust litigation.

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