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We now have a new site specifically designed and created for families and individuals facing nursing home care, elder abuse or neglect cases, and estate planning for the elderly.

To visit the site and download any number of our free reports on protecting your home from nursing home spending, how to use trusts in elder law planning, and on many related topics click: www.PaElderLawSolutions.com or www.PaElderlawSolutions.com/reports

We will be updating that new blog and the reports with information about nursing home trusts, elder law litigation, cases where an elderly person is injured, and how to make gifts, set up trusts, and establish medical contracts with family members to legally and ethically move and protect assets from being lost.

If you download any of our valuable reports, you'll also receive email reports containing ideas, information and checklists for individuals and families facing nursing home care, Alzheimers, dementia, nursing home liability, the rights of the elderly, issues of the aged, and related problems. How to use trusts, care contracts, long term care coverage and many planning techniques to protect assets and to protect your home from nursing care and end of life spend down.

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