Affluent and successful individuals, professionals, and families that own businesses and vacation homes face different and important estate planning issues…..

Do You Want To Know The Most Important Secrets and Answers To The Questions That Affluent and Successful Families and Business Owners Need To Know?

If you want to know the one most important and MUST HAVE answer that even our most sophisticated and affluent clients don’t know to ask about their estate planning….

One that can transform your estate and trust planning from being boring, confusing, and ineffective, and into an exciting plan that can protect you AND your heirs, save on taxes, and help you to enjoy your lifestyle while protecting the legacy that you want to leave?

Then I want to send you one of the most important video reports that I have ever done. This report answers not just one but a number of the most important Frequently Asked Questions that our smartest and most successful clients ask over and over again. And these questions are great.

In fact, if you or a loved one owns a business or professional practice, if you own or have an interest in a family business, or if you own one or more vacation homes, then you must get these videos.

However, even more importantly, I will also include a series of brief but highly effective video reports that answer the Should Ask Questions that affluent families and even our smartest clients don’t know to ask. The answers to these questions are not often revealed except to clients already paying substantial and appropriately expensive estate planning fees.

So why even release these reports?

Well, in all honesty there are two reasons.

One selfless.

The other is more out of self-interest. Both work to your advantage.

First, the answer from a selfish stand point. If you have the chance to review these reports (which are quick and easy to do) you are going to be a more informed consumer of estate planning services. And, you’re going to demand even better and higher quality analysis, planning and services from your lawyer.

Well, if you live near one of my offices, I think that you’ll find that I offer an combination of excellent services, a smart estate planning process, a focus on what you want, and I’ll explain options that you never knew you had in a way that is simple and understandable.

So, in short, you might hire me to do sophisticated estate planning, wills, trusts, or related planning for you.

So what’s the selfless reason?

When I go to another professional, or to a corporation or other business as a client or customer, I hate being confused, mistreated, and ill informed by people who don’t seem to care.

And recently, I have vowed that I’m going to try to make sure that doesn’t happen when people select me as the lawyer to provide their sophisticated estate planning advice.

I have clients tell me all the time that we are already pretty good at this. I recently had an executive of a large publicly traded company tell me that even though he had had a QTIP trust, for many years, he had never really understood it until now.

But I have rededicated myself to making each client feel welcome, and well informed. And, I want to earn the trust of all of my new clients. These reports seem to be to be an excellent way to demonstrate the knowledge that we bring to each planning session and if you watch any one, you’ll be way better informed than ever before.

They are not the same old estate planning videos. The ideas are new, fresh and represent some information you may never have been exposed to before.


Dave Frees, JD

P.S. If you need anything or have any questions about these reports and videos, please feel free to contact our customer relations manager at 610-933-8069.

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