Enhanced Estate Planning For New Mothers: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and the “Should Ask Questions” (SAQs) that new moms need to know about estate planning, wills, and trusts.

Enhanced Estate Planning For New Mothers

In this report, Pennsylvania Attorneys, Super Lawyer, and Top Estate Lawyer in Main Line Magazine, Dave Frees is interviewed by estate planning attorney Whitney O’Reilly, mother of a two year old even when she was a law student and law clerk about the estate planning issues faced by new Moms.

In this interview and report, Whitney and Dave cover the most common and Frequently Asked Questions, worries and concerns that new moms have about estate planning. But, they also cover the SAQs or Should Ask Questions that even the savviest new moms don’t always know to ask.

Once you know the answers, then you know just what to do to make the worries and anxiety just disappear and to know that you’re doing the right estate planning for new moms.

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