The Ultimate Trustee and Successor Trustee Handbook (Get The Client Discounted Price)


In a few weeks the Ultimate Trustee and Successor Trustee Handbook will go to our publisher for a final edit and review.  This guide is filled with over 170 pages of easy to use checklists, step by step guides and more.  Anyone who has a will or trust will want their trustees to have this vital resource so that they know exactly what to do, who to hire, and how to do the very best job possible. Want your trustees to avoid penalties?  Get it right and to maximize the protection to your heirs?  This is the ultimate guide and a must have.  Right now, we are offering a prepublication discount (there is no charge until your copies ship).  To get the best pricing and to save your copy, call Lisa, Tammy, or Kara at 610-933-8069.

The price for non clients is $297.00 and that includes the massive book and access to a training session that walks you through being a trustee.  But for clients, the book is only $197.00 and you also get access to the on line trustee training program.  Additional copies for heirs or trustees are only $67.00 each. If you would like us  buy you a copy at our expense (we'll even pay shipping and handling) then just book a family meeting or an estate planning meeting for an update.  To book an estate planning update or family meeting to review your existing planning with your heirs and one of our attorneys just call Lisa, Tammy, or Kara at 610-933-8069.


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