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If you:

  1. have been appointed as an executor or trustee, or
  2. want to create a will, trust, power of attorney, a comprehensive estate plan, or
  3. are worried your will is out of date or no longer says what you want, or
  4. think that you might need a trust or estate plan that really works and holds up....

Then call and ask one of David's assistants at 610-933-8069 to set up an appointment and to see if you can work directly with David or one of his partners, or associates.

It may be one of the most important calls that you ever make.

David Frees on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/davidfreesesq
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Unruh, Turner, Burke, and Frees Estate Planning Blog: https://www.utbf.com/trust-estate
Executor and Estate Planning Blog: http://paestateplanners.com/
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Do you have a family dispute involving a will, trust, estate or family business?
Are you looking for a way to avoid the high costs and delays of litigation?
Trying to find a way to keep family relationships intact?

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