You may not be aware that there are many types of trusts and you don't have to limit your estate planning to just one. You can employ different types of trusts to carry out different plans. The language in these trusts is very technical and often complicated. Smart lawyers will use language that has already been tested in court but because of the complexity involved, you need to work closely with your attorney to make sure that when it is executed, the language will not only hold up in a court of law but it will distribute your assets as you wish. Find someone that you feel comfortable talking to and that you can build a rapport with. Your lawyer should be able to explain very complicated and technical language to you in a way that makes sense. If there is any uncertainty, another lawyer should look it over and see if they come to same conclusion. If you have questions about sophisticated estate planning in Pennsylvania, call David M. Frees at 610-933-8069 or email him directly at [email protected] to learn more.



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