Are you considering working with one of our Pennsylvania estate planning lawyers and are wondering how long the estate planning process for wills and trusts takes? Watch this video to find out what type of timeframe you can expect when working with the Trust, Estate, and Wealth Preservation Section of the firm Unruh, Turner, Burke and Frees.

When working with a lawyer to create your will or trust, you will meet your attorney to explain what it is that you want. At that meeting, you will be presented with a flat fee and a date of when the estate planning document will be ready. Many clients don’t understand why it takes a few weeks to receive the completed document; however, attorneys need some time to revise and refine the documents, and then those documents have to be further reviewed.

You will receive a draft prior to signing the completed document in order to confirm the gifts are correct, that it is the right amount of money going to the right people, and the spelling of names are correct. At your signing meeting, your Pennsylvania estate planning attorney will review the entire document with you and all the technical clauses to make sure you understand it.

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