Nearly every client that we work with asks us how much it costs. This is an important question but there is a question they should be asking that they don't know about. The question they should ask: "How much is a properly planned estate worth to me?" Like most people, you are willing to invest in something that is fairly certain to being you a return on that initial investment. Your estate is no different. This is why you want to be sure you find a lawyer that specializes in estate planning as opposed to a general practice lawyer. You want a lawyer that is going to put measures in place to prevent challenges when it comes time to execute the will. This step could save tens of thousands of dollars and months of litigation for your heirs. An experienced estate planning lawyer will know how to avoid federal and Pennsylvania estate taxes.


Smart clients will pay more initially to save more later. Consider this carefully as you search for a lawyer and plan your estate. If you have questions about sophisticated estate planning in Pennsylvania, call David M. Frees at 610-933-8069 or email him directly at [email protected] to learn more.

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