We often have clients ask, “What happens after I sign my will? Do I take it with me?”

Well, in rare instances, we may prepare and scan a will, then give it to you to take with you. However, more typically, the planning that we’re doing for you is very complicated, so we make sure that we put everything together in an easy-to-read format. We bind all of the documentation together and make digital copies so that we can archive them electronically. We then store the originals for you, or provide them to you to store in your own safety deposit box.

Approximately 1-2 weeks after your appointment, you will receive your binder. In it, you should include copies of your insurance policies and a key to your safety deposit box. Also, if requested, you’ll receive the original copies of your documents. In this case, you should place them into your safety deposit box or fireproof safe.

We will contact you periodically to remind you to reexamine your personal situation. Did you buy more life insurance? Did you inherit money? Did one or more of the trustees or executors pass away?

Your estate planning is not a fixed once-and-done matter. There are changes that take place in your life over time that will require you to update your durable powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, living wills, and trusts. To learn more, contact the Pennsylvania estate planning lawyers at Unruh, Turner, Burke and Frees.

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