Pennsylvania elder law attorney David Frees discusses whether you can keep a loved one from entering a nursing home after arrangements have been made. Many wonder if there is anything that can be done if it appears as if they have waited too long. Do you have a loved one, whether a mother, father, grandparent, aunt or uncle who will be heading to a nursing home? Are you wondering if it’s too late to do anything about it? Fortunately, there are specific types of contracts that can be created to keep your loved ones from going into a nursing home. These contracts allow family members to provide services to keep a loved one out of a nursing home, as well as shift assets legitimately out of an estate and to the heirs. However, there may be tax ramifications by doing so. At the law firm of Unruh, Burke & Frees, we can help you set up one of these contracts to better serve your loved ones as well as the heirs to the estate. Contact an experienced Pennsylvania elder law attorney at one of our offices located throughout the state. To find out more about contracts that can be created to keep your loved ones out of a nursing home and about other asset protection matters, you can order a free copy of the informative guide, Enhanced Estate Planning: What You Need to Know About Hiring An Attorney & Creating A Plan That Works.
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