Pennsylvania estate planning attorney David Frees discusses how to prepare for a meeting with an attorney. Make sure to do your homework and order our books. Are you thinking of going to a trust and estate lawyer to have an estate plan prepared or are you an executor of a trust and looking to hire a Pennsylvania estate planning attorney? If so, you might be wondering what you can do to get the most out of that visit. First, do your homework. If you are an executor, make sure to order our free book, The Ten Most Common Mistakes Executors Makeā€¦and How To Avoid Them. Reading this book before your meeting with an attorney will help you be a better consumer of legal services. If you are considering an estate plan, you can order a free copy of our book, Enhanced Estate Planning: What You Need to Know About Hiring An Attorney & Creating A Plan That Works. This book will help you learn how to better pass on your legacy to your heirs. It will also help you understand the issues you should be considering about your estate plan, such as the executor, trustee and how your money will be distributed and invested. Our team at the law firm of Unruh, Burke & Frees can help you understand the intricacies of being an executor and/or preparing an estate plan. We can help prepare a document that will do much more of what you want.
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