Pennsylvania estate planning attorney David Frees explains, in this video, the advantages of hiring an attorney to help you create your will and/or trust versus using an online service, such as LegalZoom, or a specialized software program. You may be wondering when it’s appropriate to hire counsel. The issue with using services, such as LegalZoom, or software or fill-in the blank legal documents to create your will and/or trust is that they are often times not well suited for a particular state's laws. Even if they are, they frequently don’t show you how to title your assets, set the assets up, move assets into a trust and determine whose name they should be in. As you can see, a Pennsylvania estate planning attorney can play an important role in protecting your assets. Since states can be very particular about how your documents get executed, an experienced attorney can take the appropriate steps to ensure your documents are valid. Our team at Unruh, Burke & Frees is experienced in creating wills and trusts. We are available to meet with you to answer all your questions about how you can protect your assets and your heirs. You can also order a free copy of our informative guide, Enhanced Estate Planning: What You Need to Know About Hiring An Attorney & Creating A Plan That Works.
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