Pennsylvania estate planning attorney David Frees discusses the importance and the many circumstances that may require you to update your will. You may be wondering how often you should have your lawyer review and update this important document.

You may be like many of our clients who think that once they have created their will, they can lock it up in their safety deposit box and not worry about it. Many are nervous to ask how often they need to update their will.

The truth of the matter is that once you have created your will, you are not done. Many circumstances in life arise that may require you to have your lawyer review your will and update it.

Common circumstances that may require an update, include an addition of a child or grandchild, a divorce, the purchase of a significant insurance policy and changes in the laws. You may want to speak to a lawyer if you receive an inheritance. You should review and update your will every two to five years.

Call the Pennsylvania estate planning attorneys at Unruh, Burke & Frees to discuss whether or not your will needs to be updated. Our experienced team can help you with all your will and trust needs.

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