Pennsylvania estate planning lawyer David Frees discusses his experience and why he became an attorney.

According to Frees, if he was hiring an attorney, he would be interested in knowing that attorney’s experience. It’s a great question to consider and one that you should ask.

When Frees was in college, he worked for the District Attorney’s office. However, when he went to the University of Pennsylvania Law School he studied trust and estate planning. As a matter of fact, Frees read and studied anything he could find dealing with taxation, trusts, estates and real estate. He began to grow a passion for this field.

When he got out of law school he spent a year or two doing litigation work for some significant clients. Frees ended up coming back to trust and estate planning.

Frees loves counseling and working with people and families. He has been doing trust and estate planning and administration for over 23 years.

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