Pennsylvania estate planning lawyer David Frees discusses, in this video, your duties in the event someone passes away and names you as the executor. Keep in mind that there is a lot of work to be done. The first action you must take is locate the Will and determine what it says. You will have to identify all the assets and take the necessary steps to protect them. For instance, if there is a home you might need to call a locksmith and have the locks changed. You will need to make sure that the property or any other assets are properly insured. You will also need to identify any debt and expenses attached to the assets, such as property taxes. You need to determine if there are any minors included in the Will and locate the trustee. At the law firm of Unruh, Turner, Burke & Frees, we help individuals understand their duties in the event they are named as executors. We help them do the job right. Our law firm focuses on the duties of executors and help executors avoid problems, lawsuits and personal liability. You can find out more by calling an experienced Pennsylvania estate planning lawyer at our office. We have offices located throughout Pennsylvania. To find out more about the common mistakes executors make, order a free copy of the informative book, The Ten Most Common Mistakes Executors Makeā€¦and How to Avoid Them.
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