Pennsylvania estate planning lawyer David Frees discusses, in this video, a fantastic resource designed to help executors understand the common mistakes that many executors make as well as tips on how to avoid those mistakes. Have you been appointed an executor of an estate? Are you concerned about your liability in the event that you make a mistake as an executor? If so, you should order a copy of our informative free report, The Ten Most Common Mistakes Executors Makeā€¦And How To Avoid Them. Not only will this report explain the ten most common mistakes that executors make, it will also help you avoid liability by showing you how to avoid those same pitfalls. It will help you better understand your situation as an executor and prepare you for many of the potential challenges that you are likely to face. If you have concerns or questions about your responsibilities as an executor, you should consider calling one of our conveniently located offices to schedule a time to meet with a Pennsylvania estate planning lawyer. Our team at Unruh, Burke & Frees is experienced in helping executors avoid liability and would be more than willing to meet with you. Call us today.
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