We believe at Unruh, Turner, Burke, and Frees that your experience should be as stress-free as possible. 

We believe your trust and estates planning team should listen to you, should help you figure out what options you didn't even know you had, and then they should stop and listen to make sure they got it right.

We believe that you and your family deserve our respect. 

We believe we have a great team of people who really do care about you.

We value long term relationships with our clients.

We believe, individually and as a team, that every day we owe it to you to do the best we can

When they leave, and we ask them what was most important to you, they often say, "Thank you so much. I had no idea I could protect my daughter from losing the shore home that is really important to her in a divorce if I leave it to her." 

We believe losing a loved one is hard, but we are all here to help. 

We believe being really clear about what you want helps us to be better at what we do for you. 

We believe there is a lesson to be learned each and every day. 

We believe our clients have worked hard all their lives and want to leave a legacy. 

I really feel like we've brought planning strategy for the affluent to the masses. 

We believe that customer service always comes first.

We believe that losing a loved one is hard, but our whole team is here to help. 

We know we're busy, and sometimes it's a little hard to get an appointment, but we believe when clients tell us it was worth the wait. 
People are constantly saying to us, "Thank you. I've never heard anybody tell me I could do these things before." And they were profoundly important to them. 

We believe that sometimes a client just wants a hug.

We believe every one of our clients deserves our respect and the best work we can do.

We believe we work together as a great team, and we believe that matters to you.

We believe wills, trusts, and estate planning can provide your family with more benefits than you thought possible.

There is no one size fits all solution in the areas of estate and elder law planning, but there a number of very common problems people face. Doug and I often brief one another on the cases we've been working on so we can hone the strategies we use for you so we can refine the solutions. 

We believe in taking the high road every time. 

We know and believe that losing a loved one is really hard, but the entire team is here, and we believe we can help you.

David M. Frees, III
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