Perhaps the best way to take control over your financial life is to know as much about your situation and Pennsylvania estate laws as possible. To help inform our clients about some of the basics of estate planning, elder law, will & trust legal information, executor and trustee responsibilities, asset protection, and probate law, we have assembled a number of short, straightforward, and informational articles that explain some of the basic concepts and answer some common questions.
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  • UTBF Spring 2020 Newsletter Trust and Estate Planning News and Updates, estate planning during coronavirus
  • UTBF Client Newsletters estate planning updates; planning during coronavirus; colonial theatre event; executor training; executor bootcamp;
  • Have You Ever Lost Your Keys? Unruh,Turner,Burke,and Frees Attorney's at Law Lost Keys Program will make finding your lost keys easy and likely to happen. Our Lost Keys Program is simple.
  • Marcellus Shale Resource Page Find out all about Marcellus Shale and utilize the links we provide for you to better understand Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale region and its consequences.